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Anyone asked for some Green Blood?

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost half a year already since we last released a chapter of Green Blood. Time sure flies, huh.

Well, I have no excuses, really. It's been the usual. You know, personal life getting in the way, having to find a new translator - all that usual jazz.

We do have something to make up for it though. That's right, we've been working on these like madmen this past week and are now proud to deliver a whooping 5 new chapters to you! Chapters 24 to 27 cover the rest of volume 3, while chapter 28 marks the beginning of volume 4.

Also some more news for you - the series officially ended a couple months ago in Japan with chapter 49. In other words, we have 21 chapters to go for the awesome finale of the series! And don't be upset 'cause you'll miss all the amazing art. The mangaka actually started working on a new series last month, one about Roman warriors, which looks equally as boss as Green Blood. We'll probably get all over it once we're done with Green Blood, but no promises made!