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The End Of A Great Series

Sad news for all you Deadman Wonderland fans out there; we're about to release the final chapter. It's been a great run since 2007 and all of us at MangaStream are saddened to see it end but at the same time we're happy to have worked on this outstanding series. Personally, I haven't been involved in working on that many chapters, so I asked two of the main people involved to give their comments.

ikore, the driving force behind the editing and generally in charge of the project:

I scanlated Deadman Wonderland from the moment I started scanlation, working on it until Mangastream picked it up. Fast forward a year and a few months, I find myself working on it again. I'm glad I could work on this all the way to the final chapter. Thanks for reading!

waychanger, our most awesome translator:

It was my suggestion for Mangastream to pick up Deadman Wonderland when I joined MS more than 2 years ago (at the time, it was essentially the only manga I read that Mangastream didn't already carry), and now, finally, I am happy to see it through to completion, many chapters and an incredibly long (mangaka) hiatus later. I hope everyone has enjoyed following this manga along with myself and the rest of the Mangastream team. Thanks!

Did the series get the ending it deserves? Let us know what you think!