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Pancakes For All

At ease minions, the sky is not falling and you're not having a stroke, MangaStream has been re-tooled for your benefit.

Change is a scary thing, we've resisted it for years, but sometimes it has to be embraced. One thing we tried to maintain with the updated layout was a sense of familiarity as far as positioning and overall aesthetics go. It's unmistakably different, but hopefully it still feels like MangaStream as you're flipping through and you'll get comfortable with it quickly.

Yadda yadda, how does this benefit me?

Not only did the front-end get an overhaul, but the back-end was completely rewritten from scratch with some goals in mind.

In our adolescence we had a pretty nice theming feature, but were forced to get rid of it in favor of static caching since our original codebase didn't anticipate the website peaking at a bazillion quadfinity pageviews per nanosecond. We've added this feature back into the website, and you can find it in the top right of the page. We will add more themes in the future as time permits.

When Twitter took their ball and went home, too many of our readers were cut off from us since we didn't have a news platform on the site. As you read this article, you're now realizing that this is a news platform! We will share important delays (Golden Week, double issues, my bad hair days etc.) and release updates on this blog, and you can hit us back and chat with other fans in the new comment section you'll find inside every post.

I want to avoid going into an exhaustive list, so the final big change you'll notice with the website is the new responsive design. We want everyone to have a similar experience browsing MangaStream whether they're on a Phone, Potato, Tablet or PC master-race. We'll be actively working out any kinks that people find with display issues on different devices, you can report anything you find in the comments.

Enjoy it, my prized minions!

Edit: Comments now enabled at the end of each chapter and a new settings feature has been added so that each viewer can customize their experience on the site