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Joining the Team

We're thrilled that so many people have an interest in helping us out. To be brutally honest though, we all have commitments outside of Manga Stream and we're already stretched to the limit of what we can invest. This means while we're recruiting, we're mostly interested in individuals that already possess the appropriate skillset, or are very fast learners.

Time Requirements

All applicants for any position need to be available for some amount of time between 7:30am GMT and 12:30pm GMT on Wednesdays and Fridays at the very minimum. This makes contributing at MangaStream unsuitable for many North Americans as the time window is overnight. This hasn't stopped many of our most helpful volunteers from being integral parts of our team, but be warned that we can't really use people that aren't online when we're editing manga.


Typesetting is the art of erasing Japanese text from bubbles and placing English translations into them. This may seem like the easiest entry-level position in manga editing, but you would be surprised at how many people don't have any talent for making the typography look good.

Responsibilities: Removing Japanese text, inserting translated lines in the correct positions with aesthetically pleasing formatting & font usage.

Software Requirements: Modern version of Adobe Photoshop and Dropbox

Current Demand: Moderate/High

How to Apply: Download this zip which contains 3 PSDs, a text file with the translation and another text file with a brief Q&A. Typeset the pages, answer the questions, zip up everything and send it to [email protected]. We will respond back within a week or two if we are interested in having you on the team.


Redrawing is the only artistically-demanding position at Manga Stream, and it's a high-talent position as we take great pride in giving our readers an authentic online English reading experience. A redrawer will be asked to remove Japanese text that is overlaid on top of artwork, and also join up spread pages (which often have a chunk of missing art in between the 2 pages).

Responsibilities: Joining the art on double-spread pages, removing overlay text/ads from art.

Software Requirements: Modern version of Adobe Photoshop and Dropbox

Current Demand: High

How to Apply: Download this zip which contains 1 PSD and a text file with a brief Q&A. Remove the overlayed text, answer the questions, and then zip everything up and send it to [email protected].

Japanese to English Translators

We are always on the look out for talented translators that are fluent in both Japanese and English. Early on we can't guarantee you'll always get to translate the series that you want to. If you are consistently good, on-time and pleasant to work with, you'll find that you have greater freedom & control on what you translate here.

Responsibilities: Translating entire chapters from Japanese to English.

Software Requirements: Dropbox

Current Demand: Low

How to Apply: Email [email protected] if you are interested in joining our team.