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Say Goodnight, The Party's Over...Almost...

Posted Jul 16th, 2013 by loki

So it looks like Bleach is having its last call. Confirmed in this weeks issue of jump. Here and here. Rough translation is as follows:

After this weeks issue, Bleach will be on hiatus from Jump 35-40. Starting from jump 41 (09/09), the last arc "1000 years Blood Ward Arc - The Separation Story" will start.

Before the last battle, i will be going on a long hiatus so that I can approach the final battle fully charged and give it my absolute all. When the manga resumes, please prepare yourselves for the "1000 years Blood Ward Arc - The Separation Story".

Edit: This week's issue is 34 fyi

Edit 2: Looks like I'm just the bearer of great news today. One Piece will also be on hiatus next week. 


So It's Official. There's Beef Between Oda and Mashima

Posted Jul 11th, 2013 by loki

If anyone has been reading OP lately you'll know that Oda-sensei has been taking subtle jabs at FT. Well, I guess Mashima-sensei either finally caught wind of it or decided enough was enough. Chapter 343 of FT has some...interesting dialogue. Stay tuned.

Edit: I've written a brief explanation as to how my paranoid mind reached this conclusion below.


Toriyama's New Series Jaco the Galactic Patrolman (Warning: Spoilers)

Posted Jul 10th, 2013 by loki

It's been nearly two decades since Toriyama-sensei ended Dragon Ball. Out of respect for the living legend, we've decided to release the first chapter of Jaco the Galatic Patrolman. We have several staunch supporters of Toriyama on staff so I thought it appropro to get their feedback on his new series:

Loki: My initial impressions were not good. Seeing an alien out of the 1950's talking with Dr. Jero for almost an entire chapter was underwhelming to say the least. I didn't expect anything in particular but I had hoped for something with a little more, for lack of better word, 'oomph' behind it. I mean this was the man who changed the face of shounen (Tetsuo Hara and Buronson deserve some love here as well) and inspired countless mangaka. Then it occurred to me while I was reading the chapter: Toriyama's already done enough. He doesn't need to make another hit series. He's already cemented his place in history. I should just enjoy this condensed series (it appears that it will last 20-30 chapters at most) for what it is (or isn't). Will it be the next big thing? Hardly. I reckon most people will mock and ridicule it and point out all of it's shortcomings. On the surface, Jaco appears to be something pulled out of the late 80's and maybe that's a good thing...

Prostyle: Toriyama-sensei is a cyborg! It would appear as if Toriyama-sensei up until now has been in a cryostasis chamber ever since the 90s and has been woken up just now for the sake of creating epic series. Unfortunately my theory is that the cryostasis chamber has malfunctioned and has left our beloved mangaka-bot in a state which only allows him to produce work suited for the 90s. Proof for that is the art style resembling frickin' Dragon Ball which is pretty yucky to a newagefanboiii like me but according to an accomplice of mine here at MS back when DB first came out it was like Jesus came out of the cave after the 3 days... so I'll take their word for it. Prepare for shots fired, what grinds my gears is the space ship. It's supposed to look frickin' cool, and instead what we get is a 'trivial' space craft that's popular among kindergarteners. Hey that might be the aimed demographic but call me cynical, it's very far away from my cup of tea. And even though some might negatively judge the main protagonist for being an alien, I actually accept the idea since to me it's a bit unorthodox, and me like unorthodox. With all of that the positives of this new series are now over. Everything else just seems out of date and even though people freaked the f#$% out when it was announced, it has came to disappoint at a level my English can't put into words. I sincerely hope somebody does enjoy it because I simply cannot.

Jero: As someone who knows there are mangaka that work their entire lives without ever managing to get serialized in Jump…. this better be leading up to something good, since it's anything but, for the first chapter.

Mankai: Lately when I wake up, I've been getting massive boogers. In both nostrils. I'm talking boulder size nuggets here. I don't know, maybe it's my diet. But I digress... look, anyone other than Toriyama shows up at JUMP with Jaco and they get laughed and beaten out of the building. Anyone who says otherwise is blinded by their fanboyism. Fact of the matter is, the man will get a lifetime pass to publish anything he wants to get published. If he wanted to serialize a spermatozoon traveling into an ovum and forming a zygote, the editors at JUMP would ask him to get started on it ASAP. He singlehandely turned JUMP into a juggernaut from the 80's into the 90's. Does that mean the readers should give him a pass for this sub-par series? Of course not. Feel free to judge it on its merits as you would any new series. And as such, I can only imagine the staunchest of Toriyama supporters finding joy in reading this series, whether it be for nostalgic reasons or simply out of respect. I for one plan on reading it for both.

Jinn: Do you know what it's like when you feel nostalgic about an old game you used to love as a kid, or an old TV series or movie? You have this urge to go and play / watch it, but when you do you realize that your memory of it was much better than it actually is (now) and you wish you hadn't tried it? Well, it's something like this with this new Toriyama series, except I rewatched Dragon Ball only a couple months ago and it still rocked, whereas this series... I am disappoint, and wish he hadn't given it another try.

ikore: Having never read or watched Dragon Ball (I'm sure some of you would kill me for that), I read this without any expectations at all. After seeing the raws I really didn't know what to think of it, it seemed awkward. The art is not really my cup of tea, but that's probably me not being used to that kind of style. The story is unique, but not that appealing in my opinion. I don't think someone else could've gotten in JUMP with a story like this, it doesn't feel like it lives up to the other series in the magazine. I hope at least some of you guys like it, as I simply couldn't.

Tryhard: I, myself, am a huuuuge fan of Toriyama-sensei, obviously because of Dragon Ball. It took up a lot of my childhood hours, watching episode after episode and I still watch it occasionally because it was just THAT amazing to me. With this series however, I think he's been lazy or just wanted to do something to occupy his time because it is leagues away from Dragon Ball's quality. Anyway, the wholepoint of this is just to say that I agree with what Loki said... the man's already got his place in the history books and made himself a legend, so he doesn't need to work as hard as others to create a "flagship" series. I'm disappointed with this new series, but overall, I am still an enormous fan of the man behind it all, Akira Toriyama-sensei.


Hiromu Arakawa's Adaptation of The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Posted Jul 9th, 2013 by loki

From the mangaka who brought you FullMetal Alchemist comes a modern day adaptation of the acclaimed novel series Arslan Senki. It has often been called Japan's Narnia (whether or not that is a fair and accurate assessment I leave up for the reader to judge). Without further ado, we proudly present The Heroic Legend of Arslan.


Fairy Tail 340

Posted Jul 5th, 2013 by loki

It's done. Just think, we get to do this all over again next week! Yay~




Fairy Tail 339

Posted Jul 5th, 2013 by loki

I'm normally critical of the way Mashima resolves certain plot lines...but I think he did a fine job in this chapter.

You hear that? That's chapter 340 nipping at my heels. It'll be out within the next few mins...


Ubel Blatt 114

Posted Jul 5th, 2013 by ikore

Kijo worked on the redraws for this chapter until her fingers turned into bloody stubs (I have video proof... trust me, it's not pretty).

Finished this last night only to hear we couldn't release because of the site being updated! I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as we did.


Fairy Tail 338

Posted Jul 5th, 2013 by loki

Tis ready for your perusement (I know that's not a word but dammit it needs to be).

Edit: color page updated and added the wallpaper version at the end.


Fairy Tail Triple Release

Posted Jul 5th, 2013 by loki

We're currently working diligently on the triple release (338-340). Chapter 338 is nearing completion (a nasty color spread is holding up the release). In the meantime, enjoy the new features we've added to the site (like the addition of comment section at the end of each chapter, the theme change in the top right, and the picture of one of our editors running naked through the streets of Amsterdam).


Pancakes For All

Posted Jul 4th, 2013 by loki

At ease minions, the sky is not falling and you're not having a stroke, MangaStream has been re-tooled for your benefit.

Change is a scary thing, we've resisted it for years, but sometimes it has to be embraced. One thing we tried to maintain with the updated layout was a sense of familiarity as far as positioning and overall aesthetics go. It's unmistakably different, but hopefully it still feels like MangaStream as you're flipping through and you'll get comfortable with it quickly.

Yadda yadda, how does this benefit me?

Not only did the front-end get an overhaul, but the back-end was completely rewritten from scratch with some goals in mind.

In our adolescence we had a pretty nice theming feature, but were forced to get rid of it in favor of static caching since our original codebase didn't anticipate the website peaking at a bazillion quadfinity pageviews per nanosecond. We've added this feature back into the website, and you can find it in the top right of the page. We will add more themes in the future as time permits.

When Twitter took their ball and went home, too many of our readers were cut off from us since we didn't have a news platform on the site. As you read this article, you're now realizing that this is a news platform! We will share important delays (Golden Week, double issues, my bad hair days etc.) and release updates on this blog, and you can hit us back and chat with other fans in the new comment section you'll find inside every post.

I want to avoid going into an exhaustive list, so the final big change you'll notice with the website is the new responsive design. We want everyone to have a similar experience browsing MangaStream whether they're on a Phone, Potato, Tablet or PC master-race. We'll be actively working out any kinks that people find with display issues on different devices, you can report anything you find in the comments.

Enjoy it, my prized minions!

Edit: Comments now enabled at the end of each chapter and a new settings feature has been added so that each viewer can customize their experience on the site


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